Welcome to the Last Resort!

College drop-out Sophia Majorelle thinks her life is pretty much a miserable failure. She's got no plans, no hopes, no dreams, no nothing.

So, when she's offered a job working as a bellgirl at a hotel in the afterlife (yes, that afterlife), she figures she might as well accept.

It's not like she's got anything better to do, right?


The year is 2020. All over the globe, people have been staying inside their homes for months on end, trying their best to not fall prey to a global pandemic.

It's two AM. Two people sit in bed, aimlessly bouncing off ideas for a project. Their names aren't important. How they look like isn't important, either (but if it was important, rest assured, they are totally good-looking and fit). The only thing that matters is that so far they've only come up with a Ghost Grandma dating sim so, clearly, things are not going well.

"This prompt card says a bus. What about a creepy bus that just picks you up and takes you, I don't know, somewhere?"

"This one says your story should have a skeleton."

"The skeleton is driving the bus."

"Where's he taking you?"

"... A hotel."

"A hotel? Why a hotel?"

"Because I just thought of the title 'The Last Resort' and it sounds badass. And here's the plot: one day, this bus rolls to a stop in front of you, and Mr. Bones Dude comes out all 'hey, can you help me run this hotel' and you have nothing better to do that day, so you say sure."

"And then you go work at his hotel for dead people."

"For dead people."

"Like the afterlife!"

"...I see."

That's totally how it happened.

About the core team

Cayetana Moreno (she/her) - head writer, social media team & cat herder

Cayetana is a freelance Mexican writer based in Los Angeles, CA, who claims to be a writer, but is having a surprisingly hard time writing her bio. Cayetana has been writing stories for as long as she can remember, and is more prominently known for being active in the fanfiction scene (Ace Attorney, Futurama, My Little Pony, among others).

Her roles in the comic include but are not limited to: story writing, script writing, herding the artists, trying to maintain social medias and patreon, being very eager to share artwork at bad social media times, and trying her best.

Davis P (he/him) - Storyboarder, lettering, & token Canadian

Davis is a freelance Canadian artist who is not only based in Los Angeles, CA, but is also based. Upon being requested with information for his bio, Davis claimed to be hungry and tired. Beyond that, he has been drawing with his left hand for his whole life and it's been going okay.

His roles in the comic include but are not limited to: storyboarding pages, drawing in different resolutions to Katja's frustrations, generally causing problems (affectionate), being 99% of Cayetana's impulse control, and being a good bean that deserves love.

Katja Lovrenčič (they/them) - Cleanup artist, character design, and gremlin

Katja is a freelance artist based in Slovenia, who is known for some of the most amazing cursed artwork you will ever have both the blessing and misfortune to witness. They have been drawing since they were small, and got their start in fandom scenes (Kung Fu Panda, Owl House, My Little Pony).

Their roles in the comic include but are not limited to: cleaning up sketches (and bodies), doing miscellaneous social media art, being on a different timezone than everybody, being cursed, trying to keep the Google Drive organized, drawing hands for Kate, and being a gremlin (affectionate and derogatory).

Kate Hunt (she/her) - Lineart, colorist, and voted most artistic in high school

Kate is a freelance artist based in Portland, OR, who claims her only redeeming factors are her sick artworks and her hot bod because the rest of her is a talented joke (her words). Initially a computer science major, she decided that hey, art is fun, so she switched to that because who even cares at this point. She also is a My Little Pony art chad.

Her roles in the comic include but are not limited to: line-arting and being the style for the comic, doing miscellaneous assets when needed, stopping Cayetana from posting on social media at 3 AM, reminding the team to drink water, social media work, picking amazing colors, and doing too much and then apologizing that she's not doing enough.